Yogurt as Your Body’s Super Food

So many different foods may have their own series of health benefits but none of them are quite as beneficial as yogurt. A quick, easy and tasty snack that has so many benefits is oftentimes overlooked. However, if you were to check your grocery store in the dairy aisle, you will find that there are so many different kinds. If you are looking for yogurt that has a little granola or some that is geared toward helping children’s health, it certainly can be found right there.

One of the many benefits of yogurt is that it can help provide probiotics with live microorganism culture that can proactively maintain a healthier digestive system. Yogurt can run through the stomach and intestines and help to balance out any of the bad bacteria that lives in your gastrointestinal system. When bad bacteria and good bacteria reach an ideal balance, it boosts the body’s overall immunity. For this to occur, you must look for yogurts that are labeled to say that there are “live and active cultures.”

Otherwise, it is just a snack that doesn’t have the same rich benefits. Sure, those that taste like chocolate mousse or cherry pie and are rich and fluffy are better than a dessert but they may not have the same desirable effects. In fact, they are typically filled with sugar instead to enhance the flavor. The only way to tell is to be sure to check that label.

Yogurt is also a great snack. It can help satisfy a sweet tooth but as a healthier option than a piece of chocolate. This serves as a super alternative for people who are wanting to diet. Yogurt is filling and yet still can be a good breakfast. It also helps you to meet part of your daily dietary needs in the dairy food group because a lot of dairy such as milk (unless it is skim) and cheeses are much higher in fat and calories. Though you might use it as a breakfast replacement, you could still use it as a meal replacement though it is not recommended. You still need a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables for maximum health purposes.

Since it is a dairy product, it also has the many nutrients that milk products typically do. It includes calcium, potassium, magnesium and Vitamins D, B and B-12. It also contains a small percentage of protein that comes from animals. There are, of course, other nutrients and again we revisit the live culture probiotics that are helpful in your diet.

Research indicates that not only does yogurt help with a healthier immune system and digestive tract but its combination of Vitamin D and calcium can help prevent some skeletal diseases such as osteoporosis. This is prevalent specifically in people ages 50 and up and are typically female. However, a person is never too young to incorporate yogurt into a person’s diet. As younger children start to grow, yogurt can also help to strengthen their bones and promote overall health.