Top Selections on the Best Potting Benches

An avid gardener acknowledges the need for a good potting bench. Most importantly, with a potting bench, you will have a stable and clean surface to prepare planting seeds. Moreover, you will need it when mixing your potting plants and potting compost. A potting bench has a variety of uses according to your needs. You can also freely use it as a storage surface for your garden materials.

Choose a model that offers a space that you could store your tools and reach out to them easily whenever you need to. Whereas some models come with simple shelves, others are inclusive of drawers, cabinets and hanging hooks. The best of designs include spaces for soil reservoirs to make your work easier while mixing compost.

You can find plenty of uses for your potting bench as it can add up as a stylish addition for your garden. Also, you could use it as a table whenever you have an outdoor buffet or party in your beautiful garden. Whether you are in search of a model with a wooden-design aluminium top or a non-segregated compost reservoir, we will help you find the best option. More so, we give you the best tips and guides below that you need to choose a potting bench that will serve your purpose.

Consider the Design

A model with multiple racks comes in handy, especially if you are using it to pot plants and store soil. For this purpose, you could be handling buckets, pots and hand tools; therefore, you need a design that comes with spaces where you can store your materials within your reach. Some options even come with areas where you could hang your pruning shears and other gardening tools. The potting benches with lattice backs are helpful for you in case you need to hang your S-hooks while holding your equipment.

The flexible designs allow you to fold them once you are done, to store them neatly away, mainly if you have limited storage space. Some of the best models include wheels that allow you to push around in your garden quickly. These models are advantageous since you mostly work on a heavily loaded potting bench; thus, you can efficiently operate it.

Construction Material

As much as most people prefer wood designs, we have metal and plastic potting benches that are also reliable. Each variety comes with different qualities; thus, you will need to thoroughly consider the merits and not choose just from the external outlook. Wood mostly blends in well with other garden tools, and that is why it is a perfect choice for most people. However, metal and plastic models also last long as they are made of galvanized metals and polypropylene materials, respectively.

Essentially, if you go for a wooden option, make sure it is well coated to provide durability. Even though you will still put it under a protective shed, you will still need it to be well stained. Wooden material is quite vulnerable, depending on how you take care of it. However, the models we will recommend below are quite sturdy and the best. Besides, you will require very little maintenance for it.

Working length

Most potting benches have a working length that is similar to a regular kitchen counter, approximating 36 inches. It is advisable to choose a model that has an adjustable length depending on your height. As a result, you will be able to set it to a level that you will be comfortable to work. The best thing about such models is they offer protective measures for your health; hence, you will not have to strain your back. Benches with casters also add a little height and make it easy for you to move around.

Working surface area

This factor entirely depends on you as you are best to decide how much working surface area you require. Also, if your garden is not very spacious, you will want to choose a medium-sized or a small model. If space is not an issue, you are free to select large models that provide you with a maximum working space to work on your projects as well as have ample storage space for your gardening tools.


Finally, you need a model whose maintenance needs do not overwork you. You need to clean your surface after mixing your space, and it should be an easy process. Metal and plastic models are easy to clean. However, your wooden option could also have a cover top on the surface that makes it smooth to clean. Moreover, some options come with sinks that are built-in to ease the cleaning process for you. The detachable models work perfectly, especially when you need to empty the racks during cleaning.

See below our top recommendations for the most excellent potting benches in the market.

KCT 3 Tier Outdoor Wooden Potting Bench

This model provides a reliable and light-weight work station to suit your gardening requirements. The bench features an upper working table as well as two more storage shelves. The ground raised unit protects the bench from wet and soft conditions, thus ensures durability.

Product description:

  • Dimensions: 90x37x80 cm
  • Working height: 72.8cm
  • Number of retaining sides: 3
  • Tray material: Galvanized steel
  • Number of Storage shelves: 2


The three retaining sides have a vital role in offering protection for your plants and soil. Therefore, they do not fall away. As a result, your working station remains clean.
The galvanized steel makes you have a smooth time while working on the tray and keeping it clean easily.
It has an ideal top which provides excellent working conditions.
The storage shelves are spacious enough to store your pots and soil.
The bench provides a multipurpose option. Therefore, you can use it for other needs, such as decoration and storage purposes.
Wooden RM design, planting table
The planting table employs a sturdy and metalworking area. The surface is galvanized and has enough hooks on the side. You will find two storage shelves that provide you with the space you need to store your gardening tools.
Product features and specifications
Dimensions: 76x38x91 cm
Zinc plated surface
Storage shelves: 2
Material type: wood
Hook design: lacquered black
The solid wood has a sturdy design that is suitable for any garden.
You have the advantage of working at any height since it is a universal design. Therefore, you will not feel fatigued or experience any backache.
The hooks and shelves provide enough storage aid for your gardening materials within your arms reach.
It is durable due to the galvanized surface.
The shape provides a beautiful outlook to your garden; hence, you can also use it for decorative purposes.
Solid Acacia Wood and Zinc vidaXL Potting Bench
This potting bench creates a functional working space for patios, gardens as well as balconies. Moreover, its sturdy and unique design enables you to use it for decorative purposes; thus, you do not have to store it far off when you are not using it.
Product specifications and features
Dimensions: 76x37x92cm
Weight: 14kg
Model number: 43795
Material: Acacia Wood
Finish: Zinc coating
You can take advantage of the unique and beautiful rustic design to use it as a potting bench and well as using it for decorative purposes later.
The sturdy acacia wood has a natural colour and is durable.
It has a light oil coating to make it weather resistant as well as have a luxurious outlook.
It is a light-weight hence easy to assemble.
You can move it around flexibly with ease.
Garden terrace and balcony planting table
This is an adorable potting bench that provides ample working space while potting your flowers or plants. The potting area is inclusive of three drawers, thus allows enough storage. Also, the hooks you will find on the side come in handy in case you want to hang your gardening tools.
Product features and description
Dimensions: 82x44x22 cm
Material: Oiled pine wood
Worktop material: Galvanized metal
Colour: Brown
Weight: 10kg
Drawer dimensions: 32x15x8 cm
It has comfortable universal working length, thus enabling good and healthy working conditions even for your hands and back.
The three drawers input separately are perfect storage spaces for fertilizers and tools; hence they do not mix up.
You can carefully put your gloves and other tools such as the rose scissors on the side hooks which are within your arms reach.
GartenDepot24 Wooden Potting Bench
This model is a perfect choice when it comes to all your potting needs. All fixings are well-packed with the necessary instructions you need to get it ready. Furthermore, it is a compact design suitable for all shapes of gardens as well as decking and patios.
Product features and specifications
Dimensions: 78x38x82 cm
Working height: 76cm
Shelf height: 38cm
Drawer dimensions: 18×35 cm
Work surface: Galvanized
Number of hooks: 3
Assembly time: 30 minutes
It has a comfortable working height that is suitable for your hands and back.
You can assemble the parts with ease within a short time.
The galvanized working surface makes the potting bench easy to clean, therefore require low maintenance.
It has three drawers which provide ample storage space for your gardening materials.
The bench is durable and affordable; hence you get value for your money.
If you enjoy gardening and value orderliness with your tools, a potting bench is a must-have. Definitely, you want to work flexibly in your garden, mix your pots and prepare your fertilizers without feeling like your job is a pushover. Therefore, a potting bench comes in handy to make your work easier.
There are a variety of models available in the market. Nevertheless, you need to choose the right product that will suit your needs for a long time. The models mentioned above are durable and sturdy with the right coating that you need even for decoration purposes. The reviews above not only match this purpose but also provide you with information on features and descriptions you require when making crucial decisions before having a purchase.
Firstly, the most critical factor you put into consideration is your needs. Secondly, you can then follow the guides and tips provided above to make your work in decision making easier. Finally, the various benches mentioned above with different descriptions have multiple storage shelves and other models even have hooks and drawers. We have clearly articulated these designs with the utmost expertise and knowledge that will come in handy for you while choosing the best potting benches for your needs.