5 Reasons why you should care about your credit score

There are many reasons why you should care about your credit score. Not only does it affect whether or not you can get approved for loans, but it can also affect the interest rate you’ll receive when getting a loan. If your credit score isn’t in good standing then creditors will be less likely to approve your application, meaning that there is more risk involved with loaning money to you. You might have gotten turned down before when applying for an apartment lease because of poor credit history and now you want to know what steps to take next so that won’t happen again. There are ways to improve your score so read below to learn how improving in 5 key areas could benefit YOU!

1) Paying Bills On Time

Paying bills on time will almost always improve your creditworthiness and can even help you get a higher credit limit if you’ve recently missed payments. Late bill payments show up on your credit report and it is an indication of responsibility when it comes to paying back money that is borrowed from creditors.

2) Maintaining Your Current Credit Accounts

You should strive to keep at least one credit account open (preferably with the same bank) because this shows that you’re able to handle several accounts responsibly. Closing out accounts will reduce the amount of available credit which could negatively impact your score since there is less available capital.

3) Checking Your Report For Errors And Omissions

It’s important to make sure that everything listed in your report is accurate and not misleading. If you find errors, contact the credit agency directly. They will look into your claim and conduct an investigation, which could help improve your score because of any inaccuracies that are corrected.

4) Not Applying For Too Many Credit Cards

Applying for many credit cards at once can be seen as a red flag to lenders, showing that you’re desperate for money or don’t know how to manage your finances well. Your credit score will automatically be lowered because there is more risk involved with loaning money to you if you’ve applied for several lines of credit (AKA less available capital). So don’t overdo it! I advise only applying for two new cards per year. That should still give you enough time to apply without any negative consequences.

5) Don’t Miss A Payment

Paying your bills on time is the most important, yet easiest thing you can do to improve your credit score. All it takes is a phone call to make sure that all of your payments are up-to-date and will automatically be withdrawn from your account each month! I know it’s tough to stay on top of everything in life, but trust me when I say that this step will have major benefits for you in the long run.

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